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Observations from the recent events in Liverpool.
  1. 1 Move the admission Antigen/Lateral Flow Test to as close to the event as possible.
  2. 2 Automatically void tickets when a positive test is transmitted for the holder.
  3. 3 Validate demographic booking details (this can be linked to some form of ID).
  4. 4 Maximise communications around not attending if feeling unwell, especially headache.
  5. 5 Require a ventilation plan for the venue.
  6. 6 Deposit PCR test at venue post box as a condition of entry.
  7. 7 Encourage use of Antigen test home kits for post-event serial self-testing.
  8. 8 Encourage minimisation of unnecessary or high-consequence contacts in the week after the event.

Travel Dashboard

The travel dashboard is an effortless way to manage health data for passengers
  • Prior to the flight the requirements to travel are set by the airline, allowing for the different test requirements for countries.
  • Passengers can connect to their flight to see the test requirements enabling seamless communication about changing criteria
  • Reduce the administrative burden around COVID-19 tests and limit delays and disruptions.
  • Passengers can scan onto their flight at the airport, securely sharing their test results and tamper-proof certificates.
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