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TESTED.ME has established an exclusive partnership arrangement with which is capable of giving “real-time” data feedback to individuals, public health authorities, travel groups, event organisers and employers alike. is an established international digital platform supplier with over 500,000 App users. This Partnership between and is capable of making a significant contribution towards suppressing the transmission of the COVID virus.

Abbott Laboratories

Abbott Laboratories are creating life changing pharma technologies to people who need them. The group is well established with over 100,000 employees and a presence in over 160 countries. They offer the premium test solution for rapid antigen self-testing. have formed a relationship with Abbott that ensures our customers are receiving the best product on the market at very competitive prices.


SGS is our independent Quality Control inspection team on the ground and they check the factory specifications and ensure our products meet European standards.

Goods will only be accepted if SGS issues a pass on their QC inspection report to us. SGS monitors work in progress during production in tandem with our own independent final QC inspection report before goods can be loaded for dispatch.

Without a pass approved by SGS the goods cannot be loaded giving us complete control over the quality of the product.

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