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– Antigen, Antibody & PCR tests
  • World Class Digital Platform
  • Customised to suit your needs
  • EU approved tests
  • Continuous monitoring of infectiousness
  • Reassurance for All

OUR SOLUTIONS is rolling out an established digital health platform, combined with a multi-layered testing programme, enabling individuals return to a more normal life that allows for travel, work, attending sporting, cultural or educational gatherings in a safe, compliant manner. Both the platform and the programme can be “customised” to suit any workplace, event or venue. This can all be readily achieved through advance consultation with regulatory bodies, employers and event organisers, including travel groups, schools, universities and work environments.

Multi-layered testing powered by a world-class technology infrastructure.

Bespoke Solutions have been successfully applied in various settings and events, read more here

  • Test centre in central London (fully operational)
  • Heathrow Airport (successful trial completed)
  • Bristol Airport (successful trial completed)


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