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We provide a digital health platform, combined with a multi-layered testing programme, which facilities individuals to return to a normal lifestyle – including work, travel, attending sporting cultural or educational gatherings – in a safe compliant manner.

Our platform provides a secure, reliable, user-friendly system which will bring peace of mind to both employers and employees along with event organisers and their patrons.

Both the platform and the programme can be “customised” to suit any workplace, event or venue. This can all be readily achieved through advance consultation with regulatory bodies, employers and event organisers, including travel groups, schools, universities and work environments.

We use uniquely QR Coded Antigen tests to enable events to take place in a safe and secure manner. Our digital platform can be rolled out to support testing prior to events, on the day of the event and post event, to reduce the spread of COVID-19. This Tech platform fully GDPR Compliant.

INVESTMENT Our twice weekly Test & Tech solution costs €50 per employee per month for 10 tests and the supporting technology. Costs are based on a sliding scale depending on staff numbers. has established an exclusive partnership arrangement with which is capable of giving “real-time” data feedback to individuals, public health authorities, travel groups, event organisers and employers alike. is an established international digital platform supplier with over 750,000 App users. This Partnership between and is capable of making a significant contribution towards suppressing the transmission of the COVID virus in Ireland.

Multi-layered approach to testing ahead of events powered by a leading test technology infrastructure provider:

  • Test centre in central London (fully operational)
  • Heathrow Airport (successful international completed)
  • Bristol Airport (successful international completed)

Giving people the ability to manage their own data in a GDPR compliant manner

  • Test results are stored on a secure portal that is password protected
  • The user can share the information they want (ie. Negative result) to gain access to the event
  • This is done safely and securely with an easily accessible scannable QR code
  • Data will be stored on a highly secure, Irish based, cloud platform in a compliant manner.

Our business model adapts to change and scales up at speed with over 700 businesses and over 250,000 users are currently using this app.

Achieve best results by engaging a credible partner with a strong track record of working with the HSE and other public suppliers

Both the digital platform and the testing programme can be readily adapted to changing circumstances through ongoing consultation with event organisers and regulatory bodies

Operate in close liaison with the HSE and Public Health authorities and ensure compatibility with the EUDCC (EU Digital Covid Certificate) and other European technology platforms

Rapidly identify infectious cases and reduce the spread of the virus in a cost-effective manner

How does the technology work?


Individuals download the app and create their own verified profile. They can upload their recent COVID-19 tests, vaccination history and connect work and event dashboards. Using their unique symbol individuals can share their profile with selected health data or scan into businesses.


Each organisation has a dashboard providing valuable insights into the health status of the individuals connected. Depending on the requirements of the organisation, different dashboards are available including Workplaces and Events.

The requirements to enter the premises can also be customized e.g., a negative COVID-19 test 24 hours prior to entry; creating Covid Secure, confident environments


1. LFT* reader in-app using Computer Vision and AI to auto-read and populate results

2. Integrations with labs across Europe, South America and SE Asia

Interoperability and usability with EU Green pass-through Good Health Pass collaboration more recently labelled the EUDCC



500 Pubs, Restaurants & Sports Clubs using the solution
270,000 visitors successfully using the platform
  • 2 test & trace cases identified and successfully dealt with meaning no venues have had to close
  • Festivals and Events planned for summer using platform to demonstrate to local authorities and safety committees reduced risk.


91% approval rating on feedback survey
60 staff trialed the travel solution uploading PCR tests
  • Integrated solution with PCR lab.
  • Fit To Fly, Day 2 and Day 8 products developed since trial.


Twice weekly LFT testing
107 staff using workplace solution
  • Utilising the workplace solution and regular LFT tests to keep all employees in the office.
  • Successfully notified admins when positive tests are uploaded to the app, limiting spread within offices.
  • Now rolling out the solution across their customer base.


Twice weekly LFT testing
375 staff using platform
  • Large Academy Trust using the solution across their school estate.
  • LFT uploaded to the platform and results shared with Authorities.

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