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A molecular test which detects the virus’s genetic material. Approved by the HSE & WHO. Most widely accepted for travel* We recommend you check with your airline & country of travel which test is accepted prior to booking.

Results in 24-48 Hours (*Please allow 2 full days at peak times)

With Coronavirus still prevalent in many countries, some airlines and countries now require a Covid-19 Travel Clearance Certificate to allow an individual to fly or to enter a country. Please check with the country you are travelling to whether they require a negative Rapid Antigen Test result or a negative PCR Test result.

A Travel Clearance Certificate is needed as proof to show that an individual has had a Covid-19 PCR test and is clear of infection within a determined time frame. Some countries currently require the cert to be issued 72 hours before travelling.

This service is available in clinic & for on-site testing for groups.

We expect to have the result and certification available within 24 hours but this cannot be absolutely guaranteed due to a number of external factors.

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